CoMS Proposal Peer Review Cohort

Center of Microbiome Science


Working on a proposal with a microbiome component?

Join together with other faculty to participate in a proposal review group with the Center of Microbiome Science!

CoMS members tackle diverse microbiome challenges and have amazing capabilities as a collective. How much of this could be applicable to your proposal and be a differentiator to get funded?

We look forward to working with you this spring or in the future, and we are always happy to discuss other options for providing support and guidance. Thank you!

You can learn more in the section below.


    The '22-'23 CoMS Peer Proposal Review Cohort has been formed. 

    Plan ahead to apply for the '23-'24 cohort in Autumn '23!


    If you have any questions for us about these services or the process, please contact:


    We will hold three 1-2 hour sessions over the fall semester to discuss various proposal components.

    In October, we’ll have a project overview planning session. We will talk about the overview and “big picture” for each project.

    In November, we’ll discuss application of microbiome methods in proposals.

    In December, we’ll complete review of the full completed proposals.

    You are also highly recommended to take advantage of the proposal technical writing feedback opportunity.


    Any researcher at OSU working on a proposal with a microbiome component can participate. We encourage you to become a member of CoMS if you are not already.

    Proposals can be targeted for submission to any agency. We anticipate many proposals that are focused on another topic and have a “microbiome aim 3” or exploratory microbiome component.

    “Microbiome” can be interpreted quite broadly. If you think you are even a little interested in exploring adding a microbiome component to your proposal, this cohort is for you!

    If you are an established microbiome researcher and you have a microbiome-centric proposal, this cohort is also for you!

    The first cohort will be limited to 5-10 proposals depending on submissions, each of which may have multiple team members. Selection will be prioritized for members from colleges with active support for CoMS.

    The 2023-2023 proposal development cohort will be led by:

    • Jessica Cooperstone
    • Jonathan Jacobs

    All sessions will be conducted virtually via Zoom.


    This program is best suited for proposals with a Spring 2023/Fall 2023 submission deadline.

    The general schedule is below.

    There will be three meetings. You will be asked to provide feedback on proposals and proposal components from others participating in the group and also receive feedback on your work.

    Monthly Schedule


    • Application due
    • Project Summary/Project Synthesis: First draft


    • Project Summary/Project Synthesis: Peer review


    • Microbiome Analysis Discussion: Peer review


    • Full proposal: Peer review


    • Full proposal: Revision

    Spring Due Date

    • Full proposal: Submission

    Additional information

    Group meeting regarding proposal topic

    • First half of month

    Proposal component due

    • 15th of the month

    Peer reviews complete

    • End of month

    Application window for '22-'23 Cohort is closed. Check back again Autumn 2023!

    The application requires a one-page proposal overview document.


    The Engineering Technical Communications team offers individual writing consultations for faculty working with
    the Microbiome Center Proposal Development Cohort who want feedback on their project for:

    • Narrative structure/organization
    • Use of strong scientific writing style
    • Appropriateness of approach for a funding agency audience
    • Copy editing and proofreading

    We're prepared to review proposals in various stages of completion, from outlines to initial rough drafts to completed proposals
    ready for resubmission.

    We've found that feedback at whatever stage is a helpful tool to advance a project’s overall quality.

    The pricing for these services is $34/page, to be paid out of the PI’s start-up or grant funding.

    This includes:

    • The round of developmental feedback
    • Copyediting and proofreading
    • A 30-minute follow-up phone/Zoom consultation
    • Contact Dr. Jennifer (and cc: Jessica Cooperstone.1) by 5pm on Wednesday, November 23rd and provide your:
      • Contact information
      • Project title
      • Three-sentence Project Narrative or brief description
      • Link to the funding opportunity announcement
      • Whether you will be initiating payment from a grant or from your start-up funds
    • This will be first come, first served with a waitlist until we have a confirmed list of 6 participants
    • Once the list of participants for this round is confirmed, you will be assigned a reviewer from our team and provided with their contact information and next steps
    • Send your project description (as a Word document or PDF) to your reviewer by Monday, December 19th and include any information that might help your reviewer, such as specific questions or concerns, priorities for review, previously received feedback, intro to revision/resubmission, etc.
    • Reviews and feedback will be completed and returned to you no later than January 7th. At that time, your reviewer will also give you the option to schedule a phone/Zoom meeting to discuss the feedback during the week of January 9th.