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The ‘human microbiome’ is transforming modern medicine, but microbes are also now recognized as major players across diverse ecosystems including plants and animals, soils and the oceans, and engineered systems.

Low-cost sequencing and computational advances have flooded the life sciences with new windows into the life and impacts of these hidden movers and shakers.

However, Microbiome Science is a relatively new and fast-moving discipline, so there are few opportunities currently available to graduate students and postdocs to immersively train.

The Microbiome Informatics Webinar Series represents a first phase effort to digitize 7 years of a hands-on informatics training course in this space, with a focus that goes beyond 16S-based studies to leverage the power of shotgun sequencing.

Each 1.5 – 2 hour webinar will provide a brief concept introduction and hands-on practical exercises designed to provide cutting-edge first phase of training in Microbiome Informatics to empower researchers to better understand microbes and their viruses in complex communities.



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