Informatics Tools


Below are lists of Ohio State University and open source community tools.



For plotting data


For 16S and Metagenomics

  • Huttenhower lab tools (PICRUSt, GraPhlAn, MetaPhlAn, MetaPhlAn2, LEfSe, microPITA)
  • MicrobiomAnalyst
  • DADA2 tutorial
  • Harnessing Our Inner Ecology to Track and Treat Disease: Free Virtual Course
    • Offered by the Institute for Systems Biology, this course is available via YouTube and covers topics including:
      • Analyzing amplicon sequencing data with QIIME2
      • Modeling microbiota-wide metabolism with MICOM
      • Defining a healthy gut microbiome: Insights from deeply phenotyped cohorts


For Metabolomics


For Multi-omics integration


For linking miRNA’s to targets and functions


For RNASeq gene-expression profiling